Thursday, April 23, 2015


HOME! Hug your loved ones, and enjoy your sleep. Thanks, everyone for an incredible week!!

Delta almost home

Our eta for Delta buses is 9:45pm. 

American arrival

LOTS of traffic. American buses eta to ABRHS is 7:30-8:00pm.

Delta is on their way

We are all loaded on the buses, and on our way!

Americna flight buses on their way

American flight buses have left jfk headed towards home! Will continue to update their location.


American flight has boarded and is about to take off. Delta flight is checking in.... Next post will be when American lands. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Palau de Musica, final concert and our farewell dinner

It's hard to believe that our tour has come to an end! 

We started this morning with a tour of Palau de Musica which is a famous concert hall that was actually funded and built by choral musicians of Barcelona many years ago. Stunning! Make sure to check the facebook page for pictures.

After an afternoon of last minute shopping for our friends and family, we have our final performance at the Barcelona Cathedral. Singing in this space was beyond our wildest dreams... We encouraged each other to really take a moment while we were singing to look out at the space and take it all in. What an experience! Watching the students faces as they gave their last performance was so touching. These students get it. They soaked it all in, and lived the moment.

We capped off our evening with our farewell dinner at Pobla Espagnole. This space was the location of the 1928 world fair. Very cool. We ate delicious food, and relished our last night together in Europe.

This has been a very full and incredible week of music, culture, and friendships. I couldn't be more proud of our students-these young men and women brought so much joy to people's lives this week with their singing and spirit. How lucky are we to know them and love them?!

Thank to all of our families and friends who helped get us here, and for always supporting us in our singing and growth as musicians and people.

It's time to sign off as the wake up call for the American flight is in just 2 hours. (!)
We will continue to update our travel statuses throughout the day, and you will see us soon!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Barcelona day one

Another inspiring day full of musical collaboration and historical art! We started the morning with guided bus tours of the entire city-great views, the old Olympic village (which is still used today!), all led by hilarious local tour guides. 

We then met up and experienced the Gaudi inspired Sagrada Familia Cathedral. So, right along with Carcassone being one of the top 10 places to visit, this one is right there with it. WHOA. Incredible history and design both on the outside and the stunning interior.

After lunch on our own, we went to Barcenoletta, a gorgeous beach on the Mediterranean. Students soaked up the culture, and even engaged in an American vs. French soccer game... I'll post the video soon.

And then we finished the night sharing a casual concert with the Corales de Barcelona which is a local adult community choir. Talk about amazing people - they were so welcoming and excited to sing for us, and then listen to our groups. We even sang a traditional Cataloian folk song with them!! Check out the pictures and videos on our facebook page. 

Off to visit the Palau de Musica tomorrow morning, and then give our final concert in the Barcelona Cathedral before our farewell dinner downtown.

Buon nit!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Carcassone & Barcelona

Bonjour et Hola!

This trip just keeps getting better and better. We spent the first half of today visiting the fortified city of Carcassone... this really should be one of the top 10 places to visit. SUCH an incredible place - and what was really cool was that so many of the students kept saying, "I just learned about this in World History!" or "That's a rampart!" So, good work, ABRHS History Teachers!! I'll post a few pics I caught on my phone below, but do be sure to visit our Facebook page where you can see a ton of shots taken by chaperone, Steve Underwood. He caught some great moments.


After a wonderful day exploring Carcassone, we drove down to our hotel in Barcelona. It's a lovely property with an incredible buffet spread - we were definitely well fed tonight! We are looking forward to our day in Barcelona tomorrow morning starting with a guided city tour, followed by a full tour of the famous Gaudi inspired Sagrada Famillia, some time at the beach, and ending with a shared concert with a local community choir in the evening. We will post more pics and hopefully some video tomorrow night.

Bona nit!